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When a student becomes a senior in high school, it is common to consider enrolling in counseling services. Counseling Services is an all-schoolwide resource which supports student development and progress as they meet new challenges and options encountered during their high school years. Counseling Services offers confidential individual counseling, which usually covers pre-secondary educational planning, college prep, and related social and personal issues. If you are thinking about entering college or perhaps finishing your high school education, counseling services may be able to provide you with useful advice and educational resources. This information will give you an overview of what you can expect from their services.

Many people are aware that most universities and colleges are now required to allow access to confidential counseling services for students who wish to pursue an academic degree. Generally, students who wish to continue their education are given the opportunity to meet individually with a counselor on a one-on-one basis. The purpose of this individual counseling is to help the student determine his/her educational goals and to set realistic short and long-term goals. This type of counseling services typically involves at least one to three counseling sessions. In order to sign up for this service, a student will need to fill out an application form.

Students who are involved in any debate or discussion, which involves offensive comments or behavior may want to consider meeting with an academic counselor. Academic counselors are highly trained professionals who can work with individuals on various different topics. They will evaluate students’ strengths and weaknesses in areas such as coursework, English skills, and other academic goals. Students may also meet with a counselor to talk about their personal life and how their decisions have affected their lives.

Students who wish to continue their education and achieve their high school goals may also consider meeting with confidential mental health counseling services. This type of counseling service works in collaboration with other campus groups, faculty and staff. Students who are involved in any debate or discussion that involves offensive comments may want to consider this type of service as part of the entire college or university’s counseling process.

74 Counselors working with students will assess their needs, work with them to find a solution and determine if they are a good candidate for the program. Students who are interested in mental health counseling services will complete a needed evaluation form. This evaluation will assess their academic success, communication skills, motivation and life skills.

Students who are interested in meeting with an academic, counseling services, or crisis text line counselor should call a residential counselor, or an academic advisor, to set up a consultation. The academic advisor will help the student decide if they are a good candidate for the program. If the student has decided that they are eligible for the program, the advisor can help them select the best counseling services that match their needs. In addition, the student will meet with a counselor who is assigned by the school to help them with completing the requirements. Many times, a school has multiple advisers for different types of students. They can assist students with the same problems.

Counseling services can be confidential or open. Students may choose to meet with a confidential professional or counselor, or they may choose to meet with an unsecured professional. Students who have experienced a sexual assault may feel very anxious about sharing information with an unsecured professional. In order to protect the confidentiality of all individuals who meet with the counseling services, it is advised that students contact their school counselor or the school office if they need any additional information or counseling on a confidential basis. Crisis text line counselors are trained to handle all situations that may arise.